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International Student Admission

1) Submission of the documents

Deadline for invitation to study:

  • until September 15 at the main faculties
  • no time limit for the preparatory department

The official deadline for the documents submission to the Admissions Board by foreign citizens based on the results of an interview in Russian (in the case of trainig in English – an interview is held in English) is until October 15 (annually).

The deadline for submission of the documents to the Admissions Board can be extended until November 30.

2) Documents for obtaining an invitation to study

For applicants from the countries of visa entry to the Republic of Belarus, it is required to obtain an invitation to study in order to open a student visa.

For receiving an invitation to study, you should send copies of the required documents to the e-mail address of the International Office of BrSTU

  • a copy of the pages of the national (or international) passport with a photograph, surname;
  • a copy of the school certificate with a notarized translation into Russian;
  • a copy of the birth certificate;
  • a copy of the medical certificate;
  • medical certificate of absence of HIV infection.

3) Before enrolling in the university and starting educational program a foreign citizen should:

  • be registered by the Migration Office within 10 working days upon arrival in the Republic of Belarus;
  • make a contract for training and accommodation;
  • pay tuition and accomodation fees for the first year of study;
  • purchase a compulsory insurance policy;
  • undergo an obligatory medical examination.

4) Documents are to be submitted to the Admissions Board upon arrival in Belarus:

  • original documents on education indicating the subjects studied and the grades (points) obtained during the exams;
  • original medical report on the health status (obtained in healthcare institutions of the Republic of Belarus);
  • medical certificate of the absence of HIV infection;
  • original birth certificate;
  • application for admission to study of a standard form;
  • compulsory medical insurance contract;
  • 6 photos 3x4 cm in size.

Foreign students should submit to the university healthcare center a card of preventive vaccinations or a card statement of preventive vaccinations indicating vaccinations and the dates they were carried out from the birth, including the Mantoux reaction.

To the listed documents, executed in a foreign language, a notarized translation into Russian or Belarusian of all documents should be provided.

5) Foreign students should inform the International Office staff

  • about the expected date of arrival in the Republic of Belarus,
  • about the route,
  • about the need for a meeting at the airport or railway station.

6) Contact information

You can contact the staff of the International Office by e-mail:
Phone/fax: + 375 (162) 32-17-04

International Office
Brest State Technical University
Moskovskaya st., 267
224017, Brest,
the Republic of Belarus

7) Payment and contracting for training

Before enrolling in the university, a foreign citizen should sign an agreement for training with the university, which specifies the rights and obligations of the parties.

At the preparatory department, the tuition fee is:

  • for foreign citizens who arrive on an individual basis – USD 1600 per year.

At the main faculties, the tuition fee for foreign students arriving individually is:

  • full-time course (training in Russian) – USD  2200-USD 2600 per year;
  • full-time course (training in English) – USD 3500 per year;
  • correspondence department – USD 2000 per year;
  • master's program – USD 3000 per year, when training in English – USD 3700 per year.

ATTENTION: tuition fee payment is made on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in Belarusian rubles at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment; when paying from abroad, payment is made in US dollars.

8) Interview for admission to the university

For admission to the 1st year of the main faculties of the university, a foreign citizen should pass an interview in the Russian language.

For admission to the 1st year in the specialty 1-69 01 01 "Architecture" and in the specialty 1-69 01 02 "Architectural Design", in addition to an interview in the Russian language, foreign applicants also undergo an interview in the discipline "Creativity", including Drawing, Composition, Drafting, they also should provide their creative work (project).

9) Accommodations

A foreign student is guaranteed a place in the dormitory of the university. Dormitories with all amenities are located on the campus, a five-minute walk from the university (block system, rooms for 2 - 3 people). The estimated accommodation cost for the academic year is USD 400.