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Admission Package

Admission package. On arrival international students submit a complete set of original documents, including:

  • Passport with an entry visa to the Republic of Belarus.
  • An application form.
  • A signed contract on education between Brest State Technical University and a foreign applicant.
  • A legally verified copy of birth certificate.
  • A certificate of secondary education and a list of studied subjects and examination grades.
  • Certificate of a negative HIV-infection reaction issued by an official health care establishment of the candidate's native country.
  • A medical certificate issued by a national health care establishment of his/her native country certifying the absence of contraindications for studies under the climatic conditions of the Republic of Belarus.
  • A medical certificate issued by a health care establishment in the Republic of Belarus.
  • A medical insurance policy.
  • A pre-university course certificate (for undergraduate first-year entrants).
  • 8 (eight) photos, 3x4 cm.
  • A vaccination/immunization certificate showing your immunization records history (all the vaccines you received as a child and adult).

Please, note! You submit both the original documents and their notarized Russian translations (including the translation of your passport).