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Visiting Students

Complete Application Procedure for students applying through partner institutions

1. The home university nominates students for participation in the exchange program and for the benefits they will have at BrSTU. The home university can nominate one student to receive full benefits (free training, free accommodation) and one student for partial benefits (free training, fee-based accommodation).

2. The home university sends students’ application sets to BrSTU by post

Application documents submitted through the home university:

Academic Transcript
Passport copy
Self-introduction letter
Medical Certificate (pulmonary, tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV)

3. BrSTU issues an invitation letter and sends it to the home university address by EMS post

4. Nominated students apply for a student visa at the Embassy of Belarus in their home country.

5. Nominated students inform the BrSTU International Office of the date of their arrival and the courses they want to attend.

6. On arrival the students have a medical check up and get temporary registration with the migration Office and enroll for courses.

7. At the end of their semester the students are issued a transcript of records that is sent to their home university.

Application schedule


Autumn Semester


Spring Semester


home university nomination (by e-mail)

May 31

October 31

submission of the required documents (by post)

June 1
(can be extended to June 30)

December 1

invitation for study sent to a home coordinator

July 1

December 15

arrival at BrSTU

September 1

February 9