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Hotel «Hermitage»
7 Chkalov str.

It’s the most modern hotel in town, prices correspond. Located in the town center, it operates since 2011. The Hermitage offers comfortable rooms, several restaurants (including summer terrace, karaoke, etc.), boardrooms, a fitness center, a beauty salon and tour services.


Hotel «Vesta» (59 rooms)
16 Krupskoj str.

It is regarded as good accomodation but the room rates are quite high. Among offered services are room service, payment by credit cards, boardroom, bar, cafe, hair salon, massage room, sauna, tanning bed, Internet, disco. The hotel is disability-friendly.

The Vesta is located in vicinity of major sites in the quiet and peaceful area, close to the city park.


Hotel of Brest Regional Centre of Olympic Rowing Reserve (100 rooms)
2 Oktiabrskoj Revolutsii str.

The hotel is located in the territory of the Brest rowing canal, which serves both business clients and holidaymakers.

Spacious and comfortable rooms are equipped with quality furniture, orthopedic beds, showers, hairdryers, telephones, TV, microwaves and refrigerators.

Each room has a balcony with a magnificent view of rowing canal.


Hotel«Belarus» (164 Rooms)
6 Shevschenko Boulevard

The «Belarus» is located in the heart of Brest, near the river Muhovets. The hotel is good both for long stay and for short-term visits.


Hotel «Inturist» (136 Rooms)
15 Prospekt Mascherova av.

The «Inturist» is located in the town cener. It has a guarded car park, tour agency, kasino, cafe, bar, exchange office (works 24/7), beauty salon, massage parlour, health center, hairdresser’s, luggage locker, etc.


Hotel «Molodiezhnaya» (26 Rooms)
6 Komsomolskaja str.

The hotel is close to the railway station. The rooms are cheap with corresponding living conditions. Advanced booking is remcommended.