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Building Construction Technologies

History of the Department

The department "Building Construction Technologies", as an independent department, was founded in 1970 as a result of the disaggregation of the department "Building technologies" (order No. 519 of 16 October, 1970, Brest Civil Engineering Institute). In 1987 the department was merged with the Department of "Building Materials", and since 1993 - again an independent department of the university.

Students graduate with specialties in 1-70 02 01 "Industrial and Civil Engineering", 1-70 03 01 "Roads Construction" and 1-74 04 01 "Rural construction and Planning."
At the department the preparation of masters of technical sciences in specialty 1-70 80 01 "Construction", and masters of Engineering in specialty 1-70 83 01 "Industrial and Civil Engineering" is carried out.

The department participates in the training of specialists at all faculties of the university: Civil Engineering; Engineering Systems and Ecology; Economics; Electronic-informational Systems; Mechanical Engineering; Extra-Mural studies; Innovation Activity, Management and Finance; in the Institute of Further Education and Retraining.

There are 21 teachers (including 9 part-timer employees) and 2 masters of industrial training at the department. Among them, 6 Ph.D. in Engineering Science, 1 Professor, 7 Associate Professors.

Main activities

The main activities of the staff of the department of Building Construction Technologies are state-financed academic affairs in the field of increasing the efficiency of pile foundation constructers and weatherization of external walls of the buildings, inventive is being carried out in the field of foundation engineering, as well survey building structures and constructers, work out a design of construction and repair works.


The department is in contact with the universities of the Republic of Belarus: Belarusian National Technical University (Minsk), Belarusian-Russian University (Mogilev), Polotsk State University (Novopolotsk), Yanka Kupala State University (Grodno), Belarusian State Academy of Agriculture (Gorki) and foreign universities: RUDN university (RF, Moscow); Ivanovo State Architectural and Construction University (RF); RF, Saratov, Saratov State Vavilov Agrarian University (RF).

Branches of the department

The branch of the department is organized in OJSC "Stroytrest №8" (contract of 03.12.2015), where practical professional training of students is carried out by experienced experts and foremen, leading design engineers in the period of training, externships and pre-diploma practices. Starting from the IV semester, students once a week master the practical skills of technical professions at construction objects in Brest and Ostrovets with the follow passing of the qualification examination in the working specialty.