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Economics of Construction and Organization of Building Works

Established September 1, 1970
Kiselj Elena Nikolaevna, Associate Professor

The department of Building Materials and Structures, which was responsible for the cycle of organizational and economic disciplines, was established in July 1968. In December 1968, on the basis of this department, the Department of Building Technology was created, to which the named cycle of disciplines was transferred.

The department "Economy and Organization of Construction" was established by the order of Brest Civil Engineering Institute № 519 of October 16, 1970 by subdivision of the "Building Technology" Department and the foundation of two departments - "Organization and Economy of Construction" and "Construction Engineering ".

At present 19 employees, including 1Doctor of Science, 6 Candidates of science, 4 Masters of Science, 6 Assistant Professors, 9 Senior Lecturers, 3 Assistants work at the department.

Main activities

  • development of design and estimation documents for structures under planning;
  • inspection of technical state of real estate objects;
  • evaluation of real estate objects;
  • development of organization projects for construction of real estate objects;
  • optimizing management of working assets and their covering sources at the enterprise;
  • system engineering of operational management in the construction;
  • development of methodological support, organizational and economic design of investment and construction activities;
  • marketing research for the real estate market;
  • analysis of marketing activities of construction organizations, current and operational planning.

Branches of the department

A branch was established in Republican Unitary Enterprise "Brest Agency On State Registration And Land Cadastre" (Order No. 194 of 26.10.2011 of the BrSTU).
The main field of work of the department’s branches:

  • organization of students’ work during externship practice;
  • information support of the read disciplines;
  • cooperation in the organization of the work of the State Examination Commission on the specialty "Examination and Real Estate Management " and "Industrial and Civil Engineering";
  • consulting support in the training of specialists in real estate and construction.

Contact Information

The address of the department: Brest, 267, Moskovskaya str., building 2, room 412.
tel. (80162) 41-25-67