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Geotechnics and Transport Communication

History of the Department

The Department was created by merging the two departments: "Engineering geodesy" and "Foundation engineering " in 1988 (Order No. 143 dated July 1, 1988).

The Department of Engineering Geology was established in 1968 as an independent sub-department of the Brest Civil Engineering Institute (Order No. 206 of 15.05.1968). Within that period the department was headed by 4 people: the senior teacher Starikevich Georgiy Vladimirovich (1968-1971); Associate Professor Elizarov Vladimir Mikhailovich (1971-1976); Ph. D. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Zhukov Nikolai Gavrilovich (1976-1982); Ph. D. of Technical sciences, Associate professor Zelensky Alexey Mikhailovich (1982-1988)

The Department "Foundation engineering", as an independent sub-department,was established in 1969 (Order No. 269 of 04/04/1969). Within that period the department was headed by 5 people: Ph.D. of Technical sciences, Associate professor Makaruk Petr Nikolaevich (1969-1975); Ph.D. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Andrey Petr Andreyevich (1975-1978); Ph.D. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Fedorov Vladislav Germanovich (1978-1984); Ph.D. of Technical Sciences, Associate professor Goncharova Zinaida Ivanovna (1984-1986); Ph.D. of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Poita Petr Stepanovich (1986-1988).

From 1988 to 2009, the Department of "Foundation engineering, Engineering Geology and Geodesy" was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Poita Petr Stepanovich. In 2010 the Department was renamed into the Department of Geotechnics and Transport Communications (Order No. 149 of July 12, 2010).

At the department 21 members of teaching staff work: 18 regular employees (3 professors, 2 Doctors of Engineering Science, 5 Ph.D. in Engineering Science and 3 part-time employees (chief of Brest-KAD, "AerodorProekt" Moscow, RUP "Brestavtodor").

Since 2009 the chair has been headed by the professor, Ph.D. Shvedovsky Petr Vladimirovich (tel. +37529 39 33 444, E-mail:

Research work

  • Develop technologies for the construction of artificial foundation in complex engineering and geological conditions that provide the energy efficiency of their devices and the high operational reliability of the foundations erected on them (GPNI "Building Materials and Technologies")
  • Develop on the basis of complex experimental and theoretical researches scientific principles and bases for improving methods for calculating the bearing capacity of driven piles (GPNI "Building Materials and Technologies")
  • Develop the effective constructions of foundations and technologies of their erection in various engineering-geological conditions, for objects of housing and social purpose of agro-towns (Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus)

Heads of research works are - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Poita P.S. and Ph.D., prof. Shvedovsky P.V.

The department maintains close contacts with the universities of the republic - BIIHT (Gomel), BNTU (Minsk), BGSHA (Gorki), PGU (Novopolotsk), GSU (Grodno) and foreign universities - Czestochowska and Belostok Polytechnics (Poland), vocational school (Penza, Russia), higher construction school (Biberach, Germany), etc.

In recent years, almost all laboratories at the department have been modernized and equipped with computers and test systems.

Since 2008 the branch of the department has been actively functioning on the basis of the KUPP "Brestdorproekt".

The branches of the department

In 2008 a branch of the department was opened on the basis of the KUPP "Brestdorproekt", consisting of five part-time employees.

The department includes 18 members of teaching staff: 5 professors, 5 associate professors, 4 senior lecturers and 4 junior members of teaching staff.

Research work

  • Development of high-efficient methods to improve the characteristics of foundation soil and to strengthen the foundation while reconstructing buildings;
  • Theoretical analysis of cooperation of multilayer slabs and nonuniform foundation;
  • Studies into physical and mathematical characteristics of soil under complex mode of deformation; working out of guidelines how to use it effectively as building foundation;
  • Development of efficient foundation types while reconstructing buildings and structures;
  • Carrying out of precise geodetic control over buildings deformation;
  • Engineering and geological surveying and investigations of buildings and structures with the purpose of their reconstruction.

Contact information

The address of the department: 267, Moskovskaya Str., Brest, 224017, the main building, room. 123.