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Department staff

The head of the department is Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Sergey Parfomuk.


Currently, the department employs 12 teachers and 2 employees from among the teaching and support staff.

No. Name Position
1 Sergey Parfomuk Head of the Department
2 Yuri Ashaev Associate Professor
3 Sergey Mukhov Associate Professor
4 Valery Kofanov Associate Professor
5 Valery Raketsky Associate Professor
6 Iryna Guchko Senior Lecturer
7 Kuleshova Angelika Senior Lecturer
8 Ramskaya Lyudmila Senior Lecturer
9 Ekaterina Rubanova Senior Lecturer
10 Tatyana Khomitskaya Senior Lecturer
11 Natallia Leonovich Assistant
12 Svetlana Sidak Assistant
13 Elena Huseynova Specialist in the support of the educational process
14 Alla Segen Computer operator