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Scientific work

The staff of the department has published more than 650 works. Among them are 3 monographs (co-authored) and 7 textbooks for secondary educational institutions:

  • Gabasov R., Kirillova F. M., Kostyukova O. I., Raketsky V. M. Constructive optimization methods. Ch. N. Convex problems. - Mn., Publishing house "University", 1987-223 p.
  • A. A. Volchek, V. V. Luksha, S. I. Parfomuk. Water resources of Belarus: current state and forecast / / LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, 2011. - 177 p.
  • A. A. Volchek, V. N. Korneev, S. I. Parfomuk, I. A. Bulak. Water resources of Belarus and their forecast taking into account climate change; under the general editorship of A. A. Volchek, V. N. Korneev. - Brest: Alternative, 2017. - 228 p.
  • Bykov V. L. Computerization of agricultural production. - Mn.: Urajay, 1998-359 p.
  • Bykov V. L. Computerization of agricultural production. Practical training. - Mn.: Urajay, 2000 – - 260 p.
  • Bykov V. L. Fundamentals of programming in Visual Basic 6.0: a manual. - Brest: BSTU, 2002. - 230 p.
  • Bykov V. L. Fundamentals of Computer science: lecture notes. - Brest: BSTU, 2003. - 253 p.
  • Bykov V. L., Ashaev Yu. P. Fundamentals of computer science. Stipend. BSTU Publishing House. - Brest, 2006 – - 430 p.
  • Bykov V. L., Ashaev Yu. P. Fundamentals of computer science. Practical training. A manual for students of technical specialties. BSTU Publishing House. - Brest, 2006. - 344 p.
  • V. L. Bykov, N. G. Serebryakova. Computer science. Educational and methodological manual. - Minsk: BGATU. - 2013. - 656 p.

Scientific research at the department is carried out within the framework of the state-funded research work "Development and implementation of modern information technologies for automation of production tasks and the educational process" (state registration no.12202052018033 dated 28.12.2017).

The department participated in the state research program "Natural resource potential", subprogram 1 "Nature management-2", task "Natural resource potential 1.10" for 2011-2013, carried out research on the topic "Assessment of the impact of changing climate on aquatic ecosystems and development of measures for adaptation of the water management complex of Belarus (2011-2013)".

In 2014-2017, the department participated in the international project TEMPUS Centers of Excellence for young Researchers (CERes) (ref. No. 544137-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-SK-TEMPUS-JPHES). The aim of the CERES project (Centers of Excellence for Young Scientists) is to improve the conditions for research work of young scientists from EU universities and from Ukrainian and Belarusian universities. Therefore, it is planned to develop a virtual portal and two centers in Ukraine and Belarus in order to promote cooperation between target groups: young scientists, university teachers and enterprises. CERES will allow participants to form research groups, cooperate with international scientific partners, exchange information and project results. The use of CERES for cooperation is free of charge and is available to students and young scientists from universities and enterprises of partner countries. The project is designed for 3 years and is implemented with the participation of 3 universities from the EU, 3 Ukrainian and 3 Belarusian universities, a state non-profit organization from Slovakia, 3 Ukrainian and Belarusian research enterprises and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.

In the sphere of scientific interests of teachers and staff of the department are:

  • computer modeling of various processes in nature, technology, and economics (Parfomuk S. I., Ashaev Yu. P., Kofanov V. A., Mukhov S. V., Raketsky V. M.);
  • constructive optimization methods (Raketsky V. M., Khomitskaya T. G.).

Based on the results of research conducted at the department within the framework of state-funded and contractual research:

  • 3 dissertations were defended for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (Khvedchuk V. I., 1990; Parfomuk S. I., 2008; Kofanov V. A., 2014);
  • complexes of demonstration and training programs have been developed, on the basis of which the course "Informatics" for students of technical specialties is built;
  • software complexes have been developed for solving accounting and planning and economic tasks, which are implemented in the structural divisions of our university (accounting, planning and economic department) and other enterprises of Brest, including:
    • JSC "Brestgazoapparat";
    • CHUP "Prombris";
    • PRUP "Brest Electrotechnical Plant";
    • SMU1 of JSC "Belselsetelectrostroy";
    • SMU5 of JSC "Belsvyazstroy";
  • computer programs have been developed for:
    • calculation of fire resistance of building structures;
    • modeling of temperature and humidity effects in building structures;
    • non-destructive testing of the strength of concrete products;
    • modeling of the water regime of the rivers of Belarus;
    • training and control of students' knowledge.