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For many years Brest State Technical University ensures high level of education for foreign citizens at the second stage of higher education (master’s degree) by securing the following factors:

  • The teaching staff is proficient at modern information and communication technologies which are used during classes; methodological materials placed on the services of the electronic information and education environment are updated annually.
  • The University has the necessary material and technical base, including a modern hardware and software complex and up-to-date software products that enable high-quality training of specialists. The equipment of classrooms and laboratories with multimedia technology, interactive whiteboards and presentation materials allows conducting classes at a high level, to simulate specific scientific and industrial situations.
  • Teachers have access to specialized software tailored to the disciplines taught, software products and databases are used, for example, “Business-info”; financial and economic software packages 1C: Enterprise version 8.2 and 8.3.
  • To increase the degree of the application of scientific, educational, methodological and technical potential the electronic platform Moodle is used. With its help, teachers exchange assignments, lecture materials, notes, etc. with students. Using the mailing service, teachers promptly inform all course participants or individual groups about current events. Individual communication between a teacher and a student is organized using the “Messaging” service. There are lectures, class summaries, assignments for self-study, and lists of references for all subjects. To keep track of students’ progress, test tasks and lists of questions on disciplines have been developed. Methodological materials are available in the repository of Brest State Technical University.

BrSTU underlines that admission and organisation of the educational process for foreign citizens in the master’s programmes is carried out in strict accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus No. 577 of 29.07.2021