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Computer and Computer Systems

Degree courses (IT,Software, Engineering)

Department of computers and systems


Computers, systems and networks; Industrial electronics

Foreign languages

English, German

Areas of main research and contact person

Laboratory of microsystems
(Principal Investigator - Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent S.S. Derechennik):

  • Multi-film structures of microelectronic devices;
  • Fractal analysis methods of surfaces and interfaces of multi-phase microstructures;
  • Theory and practice of cellular automates with continuous states and non-regular grids;
  • Synthesis technologies of software and hardware of computer systems and specialized microprocessor devices.
  • Technologies and design of elements and instruments of semiconductor and functional microelectronics.

Laboratory of ultrasonic technologies and diagnostics
(Principal Investigator - Candidate of Technical Sciences D.A. Kostyuk):

  • Analysis of the properties of dissipative medium (DM) by the methods of acoustic spectroscopy, non-destructive testing of DM-based products and technology processes;
  • Computer modeling of ultrasound spread in DM-containing layered structures;
  • Ultrasound visualization of solid-state objects.

Current projects

  • Regularities of metal films nucleation and growth while physical sedimentation on passive and active substrates (project is carried out together with Electronic Technique and Technology Dep., BSUIR)
  • Modeling of physics-chemical processes under shaping of composite materials (project is carried out together with Construction Problems Institute of BSTU)
  • Acoustic spectral humidity exploration of soils, grounds and powder materials (grant of Byelorussian Fund for Basic Research)

International cooperation

  • Germany, Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten,
  • Spain, Polytechnic University, Valencia,
  • England, the University Paysley,
  • Greece, the Aristotle University, Saloniki,
  • Italy, the University of Calabria.

Contact Information

Moscowskaya street, 267
224017 Brest
Phone: +375(162) 42-74-57
Fax: +375(162) 42-21-27