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Intelligent Information Technologies

Degree courses (IT,Software, Engineering)


Artificial intelligence, computers, signal and data processing

Areas of main research and contact person

Laboratory of Artificial Neural Networks (Principal Investigator -Prof. V.A. Golovko, Doctor of Sciences).

Artificial intelligence, neural networks, signal and data processing, autonomous control of mobile robots, intrusion detection, data mining, chaotic signal processing, analysis of EEG data, pattern recognition and image processing, evolution programming.

History of the Department

The department "Intelligent Information Technologies" was founded on July 11, 2003 and is major in the specialties 1-53 01 02 "Automated Information Processing Systems", 1-40 03 01 "Artificial Intelligence", 1-40 01 01 "Software for Information Technologies". There is a postgraduate programme in the specialty 05.13.15 "Computers, Systems", as well as a master's degree in specialties 1-40 80 02 "Systems Analysis, Information Processing and Management" and 1-40 03 01 "Artificial Intelligence" (practice-oriented) at the department. In 2005 the extra-mural studies were opened. There is a specialty 1-53 01 02 "Automated Data Processing Systems" on the extra-mural studies. The activity of the department is aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the field of computer technologies and information technologies with professional higher education for the proper branches of the economy of Brest region and the Republic of Belarus.

Academic staff of the faculty includes 31 people, among them: two Professors, Doctors of Engineering Science; 10 Associate Professors (including 9 Candidates of Engineering Sciences); 10 Master of Engineering Sciences. 13 teachers are graduates of the same department, who have completed or are studying at the graduate programmes or postgraduate programmes. Since 2003 the department has been headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Golovko V.A.

The department has educational laboratories equipped with computer technologies and laboratory equipments. Employees of the department do a great methodological work: develop curricula and programs, master the teaching of new academic disciplines, publish educational and methodological literature. About 50 disciplines of the department are provided with books, methodical instructions, courses of lectures, tests in electronic form.

According to the results of annual ratings of the performance of the university departments, the department "Intelligent Information Technologies" regularly takes place in top three.