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Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation

The Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation (HGV) was founded on September 1, 2009 and carries out the preparation of students in the specialty "Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Protection", opened in BrSTU in 2008.

In total there are 8 people as staff in the department: 1 head (Ph.D., associate professor), 1 professor (Candidate of Engineering sciences, professor), 1 associate professor (Candidate of Engineering sciences, associate professor), 4 senior lecturers, 1 assistant.

One of the primary tasks of the Department HGV is the creation of experimental laboratory stands for teaching students using the most modern, highly efficient and energy-saving equipment used in heating, heat and gas supply and ventilation systems. Such laboratory stands help students to significantly improve the effectiveness of studying lecture material in specialized disciplines, give the opportunity to "touch" equipment, clearly study the operation of generation, transfer and transmission systems of heat and cold, and see firsthand the functioning of certain automation devices of modern systems.

There are four specialized laboratories at the Department HGV: Heating and Heat Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Gas Supply, Heat Generating Setups and Energy Saving. A significant contribution to the development of these laboratories was made by various organizations, enterprises and companies operating in the field of heating, ventilation, heat and gas supply, and conditioning. Among them, UE "Brestoblgaz", LLC "Alternative", Brestgazoapparat, Brestmezhraygaz, WILO (Germany), Buderus (Germany), Ista Metering Service (Germany), Neimeier (Germany), TA (Sweden), Ebmpupst (Germany), Bugenergo Belarus), Isotherms (Russia) and others. Re-equipment of laboratories is carried out constantly.

Contact information

The address of the department: 224017, Brest, Moskovskaya str. 267, BrSTU, building 2, room 221.
Tel.: 8 0162 420256.