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Civil Engineering Faculty

"Architecture" (1-69 01 01)
"Architectural Design" (1-69 01 02)
"Production of Building Manufactured Articles and Constructions" (1-70 01 01)
"Industrial and Civil Engineering" (1-70 02 01)
"Real Estate Appraisal and Management" (1-70 02 02)
"Road Construction" (1-70 03 01)

About the Faculty

Civil Engineering Faculty

The history of the Civil Engineering Faculty began from the moment the university was founded on April 1, 1966. In 1966 it was the only established faculty at the university.

At present the faculty conducts the training in six specialties. The structure of the faculty includes architectural and design workshops, 2 research laboratories and 7 departments.

Students of the Civil Engineering Faculty participate in the international architectural student competitions. Two prizes of “Multi-Comfort House” were won by the students of BrSTU.

The faculty has a wide choice for the student participation in social, sport and cultural life of the university. All conditions have been created at the faculty for excellent study, successful scientific activity, physical and spiritual development of the students.