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Faculty of Electronics and Information systems

"Computers, Systems and Networks" (1-40 02 01)
"Automated Data Processing Systems"(1-53 01 02)
"Artificial Intelligence" (1-40 03 01)
"Industrial Electronics" (1-36 04 02)
"Programmable Mobile Systems" (1-39 03 02)
"Information Technology Software" (1-40 01 01)

About the Faculty

Faculty of Electronics and Information systems

During the training program of the Faculty of Electronics and Information systems students receive knowledge from the leading university professors and have the ability to apply skills in research and commercial projects. The faculty is focused on the development of innovative and business competencies.

Graduates of the faculty are employees of leading IT companies of the Republic of Belarus including IBM, Wargaming, Facebook, EPAM, iTechArt, Godel, and others. The students of the faculty are the winners of the competition of professional skills «WorldSkills», the international olympiad in the field of information technologies «IT-Planet», the contest «100 ideas for Belarus».

Students of the faculty are also given the opportunity to actively engage in scientific research under the guidance of the leading teachers of the university. The focus of the faculty’s work is on the development of cooperative research work of the students and lectures. At the moment, the faculty operates 6 student scientific associations.