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Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology

"Water Supply, Water Disposal Systems and Water Conservation" (1-70 04 03)
"Melioration und Water Industry" (1-74 05 01)
"Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air-Pollution Control" (1-70 04 02)
"Environmental Protection Activities" (1-33 01 07)

About the Faculty

Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology

The training system at the faculty combines a wide general theoretical and engineering training with a deep specialized concept. All faculty departments have well-equipped laboratories and classrooms. They are equipped with the latest technical training tools, computer technologies, instruments and installations.

The faculty operates modern laboratories in the field of industrial ventilation and air-conditioning, heating and gas supply systems.

During the process of training undergraduate students explore environmental issues on water construction, organization of human safe life, development of effective technologies for the treatment of natural and wastewater. The departments of the faculty have agreements for target training of specialists. This provides an opportunity to ensure the working places of young engineers after graduating.