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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

"Machine Building Technology" (1-36 01 01)
"Machine Building Technology Equipment" (1-36 01 03)
"Vehicle Maintenance" (1-37 01 06)
"Automation of Technological Processes and Production" (1-53 01 01)
"Auto Service" (1-37 01 07)
"Machines and apparatuses of food production" (1-36 09 01)

About the Faculty

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the divisions of Brest State Technical University which focuses on the training of highly-demanded engineers: technologists, designers, mechanics, automation specialists in the field of industrial production, automobile transport, food production and other industries.

Hundreds of faculty graduates find their job at the leading enterprises of Belarus. Nowadays Mechanical Engineering Faculty has:

  • 6 popular specialties;
  • 5 departments;
  • more than 20 specialized training laboratories in all fields of study;
  • driver training center and industrial training workshop.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering cooperates with large enterprises of Brest region and the Republic of Belarus, where students take practice, get acquainted with the work of equipment, the latest technologies and technical achievements, and at the end of the university get jobs. The Faculty has close links with the leading universities in Belarus, educational institutions in the Russian Federation, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, as well as institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in all areas of its activity.