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Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics

The history of the creation and formation of the department is closely connected with the development of computer technology of the university. From 1969 to 1975, the Brest Institute of Civil Engineering operated only small electronic computers of the “Promin" type, designed in Kiev and manufactured in the city of Severodonetsk. Programming here was conducted in machine pseudo codes.

Since 1975, they have been added to the EC VM type “Nairi" (Armenian SSR). These machines already had a high-level Russian-language programming language (JAAP).

In December 1981, thanks to the efforts of Rector Leonard Korshun, the institute received two EC-1022 computers manufactured by the Brest Electromechanical Plant and SM-4 manufactured by the Kiev Electronmash Plant. These were quite modern cars at that time. Their software allowed them to work in many programming languages: FORTRAN, PL-1, Basic, etc.

This allowed not only to put the educational process on a completely new level, but also to carry out scientific and technical calculations with high effect. A significant number of dissertations were prepared by teachers of technical departments using these machines.

Computer training of students of construction specialties was conducted on SM-4 in an interactive mode, and in this regard, the Brest Polytechnic Institute at some time became one of the leading universities not only on the scale of the republic, but also among the universities of the USSR.

Since 1970, in the basic course "Computer Engineering in Engineering calculations", students have studied the basics of algorithmization and the FORTRAN programming language. With the commissioning of the display class on the basis of the CM-4 dialog computing complex, the transition to the Basic language was carried out, which allowed literally every student to work in an interactive mode. The further course of software development has shown the correctness of this choice: currently Visual Basic successfully competes with such languages as Delphi and C++, and in Windows applications (Excel, Word, Access) VBA is the main programming language.

The staff of teachers and employees engaged in computer training of students grew with the acquisition of new computers and an increase in the proportion of computer disciplines.

Until 1978, these teachers and employees worked at the Department of Higher Mathematics, and since 1978-at the Department of Organization and Automated Control Systems in construction.

In October 1983, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the BSSR, the Department of Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics was established.

Since September 1, 2001, the Department of Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics has been renamed the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

From the moment of its creation until 1997 the head of the Department was PhD Vladimir Afonin.

From 1997 to March 2009 the department was headed by PhD Valery Raketsky.

Since 01.04.2009 the head of the department is PhD Sergey Parfomuk.

Scientific potential of the department:

  • 1 Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate Professor Sergey Parfomuk;
  • 4 associate professors (Yuri Ashaev, Sergey Mukhov, Valery Kofanov, Valery Raketsky);
  • 5 senior teachers (Iryna Guchko, Angelika Kuleshova, Lyudmila Ramskaya, Ekaterina Rubanova, Tatsyana Khomitskaya);
  • 2 assistants (Natallia Leonovich, Svetlana Sidak).

Teaching and support staff of the department – 2 persons.

The main scientific directions:

  • computer modeling of various processes in nature, technology, and economics (Sergey Parfomuk, Yuri Ashaev, Valery Kofanov);
  • constructive optimization methods (Valery Raketsky, Tatsyana Khomitskaya).

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