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Department of World Economy, Marketing, Investments

Established March 1, 1998
Head Andrey Prorovsky, Cand. Sc., Associate Professor

The Department trains specialists in World Economy; Marketing; Commerce; Finance and Credit; Accounting, Analysis and Audit; Economics and Enterprise Management.

Main research lines:

  • Economic methods to enhance flexibility and activity of economic entities.
  • Scientific basis to enhance organizational reliability and stability of enterprises within investment and construction complex.
  • Assessment and management of investment activity for construction enterprises.
  • Scientific basis for conducting marketing activity in the market for educational services.
  • Scientific basis for investment business planning and investment risk analysis.
  • Development of mechanism for trans- border transport logistics.


Andrey Prorovsky - Cand.Sc., Associate Professor, Head of Dep.
Emma Golovach - Cand.Sc., Doctor Sc., Professor
Galina Medvedeva - Cand.Sc., Associate Professor
Elena Kisel - Cand.Sc., Associate Professor
Nadezhda Nadeina - Cand.Sc., Associate Professor
Julia Vlasjuk - Cand.Sc., Associate Professor
Elena Khutova - Associate Professor
Natalya Chetyrbock - Associate Professor
Larisa Veremeyko - Master Sc., Senior Lecturer
Valentina Stepanjuk - Master Sc., Senior Lecturer
Natalya Gorelova - Master Sc., Senior Lecturer
Inna Garchuk - Master Sc., Senior Lecturer
Galina Skopets - Master Sc., Senior Lecturer
Galina Berezhnaya - Master Sc., Senior Lecturer
Svetlana Bunko - Master Sc., Senior Lecturer
Marina Gorodnik - Senior Lecturer
Galina Leshkevich - Master Sc., Assistant Lecturer
Oksana Soboleva - Assistant Lecturer
Svetlana Dobrinets - Master Sc., Assistant Lecturer
Elena Dekhteruk - Assistant Lecturer
Karine Kandelyan - Assistant Lecturer
Natalya Vakulich - Assistant Lecturer
Ludmila Vakulskaya - Assistant Lecturer
Olga Slinko - Assistant Lecturer
Elena Khantsevich - Trainee
Galina Scherbina - Trainee

Location: Building 5, Room 5/219