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International Activity

The INTERNATIONAL OFFICE is aimed at technical and informational support of international activity with the orientation to develop the University into both national and international scientific, educational, cultural centre integrated into European and global eductional systems.


  • coordinates the University’s participance in various international projects and programmes in fields of science and higher education;
  • defines priorities of international development for the University;
  • spreads the information about the University abroad and organises reception of foreign delegations;
  • supevises academic and staff exchange.

THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SUPPORT CENTRE is responsible for providing information about educational possibilities in our University for foreign students as well as for contributing to the university’s internationalisation and integration into international educational market.


  • to organise and supervise the activities where international students are involved;
  • to attract international students and to contribute to their effective studying;
  • to meet the financial goals set by the University in the education export
  • to promote the university’s educational possibilities globaly.

The purpose of international cooperation is integration of our university into the world educational space as well as improvement of quality of academic, teachingand research activities which assumes development of effective collaborattion with the world leading universities.

BrSTU is the member of AECEF with the participation of civil engineering faculties from non-European countries.

International interuniversity cooperation is carried out on the basis of international belateral agreements and memorandums signed with the manual of university.

Today BrSTU cooperate with 100 universities all over the world. In the context of international agreements supportplanning and realization joint projects academic exchange participation in joint scientific of delegations on the occasion of significant events.