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Scientific Research

The campus-based Research Centre was formed in 1973. Nowadays the academic staff and both undergraduate and postgraduate students are taking an active part in its activity.

The Centre's scientific laboratories are equipped with the latest technical facilities, instruments and set-ups. The research findings of the Centre are being applied to specialized uses at industrial enterprises in Belarus and Russia.

The main research lines are the following:

In construction

  • Creation of optimal strength and stability building structures from newly developed materials.
  • Computer-aided calculations for building structures.
  • Ways to improve serviceability and functionality of buildings and structures.
  • Restoration of historical and architectural heritage with the focus on its adaptive re-use in culture and tourism.

In mechanical engineering

  • Development of scientific forecasting methods for materials strength analysis.
  • Development of energy saving and strengthening technologies.

In environmental management

  • Research, development and implication of advanced water consumption and water disposal systems.
  • Development of nature conservation methods.
  • Development of energy saving technologies for application in nature protection.

In economics

  • Innovation and investment activity enhancement of local enterprises and industries.
  • Development of crises management planning and the programmes for the financial improvement of local enterprises and industries.
  • Formation of cluster structured local economy based on the innovation model.

In energetics

  • Theoretical and experimental research on new combustion techniques.
  • Development of renewable energy application technologies.