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Student Affairs Office

Head: Ivan N. Shulga

+ 375 162 42 03 42
+375 29 227 65 20

Student Affairs Office incorporates various university services with the aim to promote the well being of students, enhance individual development, and develops community life of the University as a center of social life. The Social workers, psychologists, tutors, social residence service, the students’ club, the sports club, the Youth League of the Republic of Belarus, the students’ union – all are guided by the Student Affairs Office.

Volunteers of the Red Cross and the Belarusian association of students-architects, a university periodical Our Newspaper with two supplements the Tags and Campus also participate in social and cultural events of the University.


Youth Union

Head: Aleksandr M. Senchyk

+ 375 162 41 89 92

"The Youth make the Future!"

The Youth Union of the Republic of Belarus unites those young people who have a pro-active attitude to social issues.

Volunteering is one of the important lines of the Union. Annual charity events help to gather donations for people in need and orphaned children of Brest Region.

The Youth Union promotes active way of life through alternative sports where non-athletic people can easily participate. An interuniversity bowling tournament or extreme sports competitions "Extreme Park" are bright examples. Stay pro-active and join the Youth Union!


Students’ Union

Head: Tatyana V. Fedorova

+ 375 162 42 34 90
+ 375 29 220 20 78

The Students’ Union is the largest social organization at the University. Based on the agreement with the University the Union oversees the students’ social rights, residential and accommodation issues and health improvement programmes.