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Sports Club

Helena V. Chernookaya, Head

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The obvious advantage of wellness and sports makes physical education essential to any academic programme. The University Sports Club significantly contributes to promotion of exercise and sports for the students of BrSTU. The Club offers a choice of 14 sport societies for the students to enjoy exercise in their free time.
Every year the University Sports Club and the Department of Physical Training jointly conduct more than 50 athletic events: university competitions and championships among teachers and students in indoor soccer, table tennis, chess, aerobic, and track-and-field.

The Citadel Alpinist Club is one of the most attractive centres of campus social life. It has united the students and staff, as well as University graduates, who are always eager to share their experience with newcomers. The Club chronicle keeps records of many climbing expeditions to the most picturesque places in the Carpathians, Caucasus, and Crimea as well as boating and skiing trips throughout Belarus. In 2010 the Alpinist Club participated in the third category difficulty climbing, and won the second prize in the Regional sport climbing championship.

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Sport Societies and Clubs

  • arm wrestling
  • basketball
  • table tennis
  • indoor soccer
  • handball
  • volleyball
  • judo
  • karate
  • aerobics
  • kick-boxing
  • tourism
  • chess
  • swimming