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An open lecture of the professor from Colombia

General news

The academic connections of BrSTU with the universities of Latin America are currently being developed. On January 21, 2022, an open lecture for the students of BrSTU was performed by the head of the Department of Plastic Arts of the University of Tolima (the Republic of Colombia), professor Ricardo Andres Perez Bernal.

During the lecture professor Ricardo Andres Perez Bernal described the interconnection aspects between modern Latin American visual art and architecture. He demonstrated the works of modern Colombian artists and photographers. The students had a great opportunity to learn from foreign professor, who introduced some informative and significant notions. The lecture seemed to our students useful and insightful. They enthusiastically discussed some points with the professor.

Professor Ricardo Andres Perez Bernal shared his first impressions about our country and BrSTU. He admitted the competent organization of the urban environment in Belarus. The Professor paid special attention to the unified architectural style of the university campus. Our guest found the Belarusian weather with snow and frost incredible and fascinating.

The professor from Colombia visited Belarus not only with the aim to deliver lectures for the students from BrSTU, but also he came with his daughter Martina, who will be a student of BrSTU after the completion of educational programme at the preparatory department.