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The first students of the joint educational program started their studies

General news

Today, an agreement was signed with the Xinxiang University (People's Republic of China), which specifies the implementation details of a joint program for preparing students at the first stage of higher education in the specialty "Mechanical Engineering Technology". On behalf of the Brest State Technical University, the document was signed by the rector Alexander Gennadyevich Bakhanovich. The representative of Xinxiang University, Dai Wengxi, said that on October 3, about 120 first-year students, participants of the joint program, began their studies at a partner Chinese university.

The admission campaign held at the Xinxiang University this year showed the great interest of Chinese young people in obtaining a Belarusian higher education, especially since the 4 + 0 scheme allows Chinese citizens to do this without leaving their native country. The academical sessions will be conducted jointly by Chinese and Belarusian lecturers, for whom comfortable workplaces have already been equipped in Xinxiang and all conditions for fruitful work have been created.